Author: Surgeon Yurevich V.V.

Of all the areas of modern medicine, one can hardly find a more exciting, dramatic and more extreme area than surgery. The word surgery from the ancient Greek language is literally translated as needlework. But, unlike handicraft specialties, the surgeon can literally with his own hands pry the patient out of the hands of death at the right moment. In the same way, with the same hands, the surgeon can destroy a person, in the case of his own inconsistency with this great profession.

Author: Surgeon Denisov MM

In modern surgery, special attention is paid to internal bleeding. This is attributed to the fact that internal bleeding is much harder to diagnose than open. And that means that medical care may be delayed. Internal is called bleeding, characterized by the outpouring of blood into the body's natural cavities or artificially created spaces.

Depending on the amount of bleeding, there are three degrees of bleeding: moderate, moderate and severe.

Author: Surgeon Yurevich V.V.

Whatever the surgical intervention that any patient undergoes, it somehow implies a wound.

Unfortunately, even ideally performed surgery in all respects is often overshadowed by such an annoying phenomenon as suppuration.

Author: Surgeon Denisov MM

An ingrown nail is a fairly common pathology found in outpatient surgical practice, which requires immediate surgical care. The most common cause of the development of this condition is trauma, cramped and improperly chosen shoes. Removing an ingrown nail is not a guarantee that this problem will not happen again. Many do not even know how to remove an ingrown nail .

Author: Surgeon Denisov MM

The publication briefly presents information on what should be done at the fracture of the ribs. So, on average, rib fractures account for 15% of all types of bone damage. The mechanism of injury in this pathology can be both direct and indirect. An example of an indirect mechanism is a fracture of the ribs in the lateral parts during compression of the chest in the anteroposterior direction. Due to the fact that the ribs are well connected with each other, the displacement of fragments in significant volumes does not occur.

Author: Surgeon Denisov MM

Primary surgical treatment of wounds (PHO) is a series of surgical procedures aimed at preventing wound infections and creating the necessary conditions for the most effective wound healing.

Pirogov Nikolai Ivanovich

Pirogov Nikolai Ivanovich (1810-1881) - Russian surgeon, founder of the atlas of topographic anatomy (mutual location anatomy), founder of Russian military surgery and anesthesia (the science of anesthesia).

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Bobrov Alexander Alekseevich

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Inozemtsev Fedor Ivanovich

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