Rib seal

Author: doctor Rudenko MG

It so happens that a person himself can find in his ribs some kind of seals that can plunge him into confusion and fear. As a rule, if you find any kind of seals in the area of ​​the ribs in yourself or your relatives, you should definitely consult a doctor so that he can schedule a detailed examination. Exactly, having passed such an examination, it will be possible to say with complete confidence what kind of compaction it is.

Seal between the ribs - causes, diagnosis and treatment

author: doctor Burenkova N.V.

There are situations when a person gropes in himself for any seals between the ribs. This may scare, cause some anxiety and become one of the reasons for a quick visit to the doctor for examination and prescription of treatment. We will talk about what could be the causes of seals between the ribs and the treatment tactics.

Condensation in the breast

author: doctor Patvakanyan Nana

Consolidation in the mammary gland is the formation of single or multiple nodes, bumps, or other changes in the mammary gland. May be accompanied by painful sensations, nipple discharge, external changes in the breast. Seals can be both physiological and pathological. Can also be observed not only in women, but also in men and children.

Breastfeeding mastopathy

author: pediatrician Shaynoga T.V.

Mastopathy is a disease associated with an inflammatory process in the breast tissue. In 90% of primiparous women, mastitis occurs during breastfeeding, and the occurrence of this disease can also occur regardless of pregnancy and childbirth.
The development of lactation (postpartum) mastitis is associated with lactostasis and nipple microcracks.

Breast adenoma

author: gynecologist Vakulenko AG

Everyone has long known that adenoma is a tumor, and a benign one. A common cause of breast adenoma is hormonal failure. And to be more precise, the balance of estrogen is upset.

Sore right side of the chest

author: doctor Saturday A.A.

What can mean when the right side of the chest hurts? Is it worth to sound the alarm and go to the clinic? Or is it still not dangerous, and you can cope with this at home with the help of medicines from a home first aid kit? The answer is ambiguous. You need to have an idea of ​​what this could be. Attention should be paid to the strength of the pain, its nature, duration of time, dependence on a particular factor, as well as the symptoms accompanying the pain.

How to quickly wean a baby from breastfeeding

author: pediatrician Shaynoga T.V.

Making a decision about weaning a baby from breastfeeding is not so easy.
When can wean a baby from breastfeeding? It is best to wait when the baby refuses to breast milk, but in each case it can happen at different times.

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