Fracture of the tibia

author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Despite the fact that the skeleton of the legs is more massive than the upper extremities - injuries of the lower extremities, in particular the lower leg, are quite common among the population.

Treatment of compression fracture of the spine in children

author: ambulance doctor Buren'kova NV

Compression fractures of the spine are quite serious injuries, but they are not so common. Only 1-2% of all spinal injuries. The more dangerous they are, the fact that they lead to disability of the child if they are treated incorrectly.

Signs of a broken rib

Doctor A. Deriushev

Fracture of the rib is a common trauma, therefore, as a rule, the main role is played by the presence of such a trauma. It can be a fall, a blow. Trauma can be obtained in everyday life, during a traffic accident, while playing sports, etc.

Consequences of fracture of the base of the skull

author: doctor Martynenko O.V.

The human brain is the most complex and poorly studied area of ​​the human body. He controls the work of all organs and systems, ensures the maintenance of vital functions, but, unfortunately, is not capable of regeneration. Leading scientists were able to clone in modern laboratories any organs other than the human brain. Any craniocerebral injury of varying severity is dangerous for human health and life. If the victim still managed to survive after a traumatic brain injury, the consequences will still remain.

Industrial injury - payment of sick leave

author: doctor Buren'kova NV

Production will be considered only that trauma, which is received during working hours in the performance of its direct functional duties. If in the workplace you were engaged not in what is supposed to be and were injured, it will not be considered production.

Injuries of maxillofacial area

author: doctor Tyutyunnik DM

Damage is a violation of an integral structure at the tissue, cellular or organ level that results from the effects of damaging agents. Damage to the maxillofacial area occurs due to the influence of mechanical factors - solid, blunt and sharp objects, moving mechanisms, including firearms; physical factors - thermal and radiation damage; and chemical factors - damage by acids, alkalis and other chemical agents. There are also combined injuries.

Determination of severity of injury

author: doctor Martynenko O.V.

Neglect of safety rules, non-observance of traffic rules can lead to serious injuries, which pose a serious threat to the health and life of the victim. Prospects for the preservation of life and the future recovery depends on the timely proper assessment of the severity of the victim at the scene and the provision of first aid.

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