Is plague carnivores dangerous to humans?

author: doctor Mirnaya E.V.

Plague carnivores - a disease of viral etiology, which is common among dogs and other animals (mink, fox, marmot, vole, and so on). In the people it is called still “disgusting of dogs”.

Is African swine fever a danger to humans?

author: doctor Kolos E.V.

African swine fever is an infectious disease caused by a DNA virus. Outbreaks of this infection suggest that the pathogen is quite stable in the environment. Its ability to infect animals in a fecal-oral and contact way characterizes the death of many pigs in the event of an outbreak. Possessing high virulence, the virus causes the death of infected animals in 50-100% of cases. Survivors remain carriers of the pathogen and become sources of infection of healthy individuals.

Is cat plague dangerous to humans?

author: doctor Konev K.V.

Feline plague (the scientific name is panleukopenia) is a cat disease caused by a virus, most often fatal (90% of sick cats can die, especially in kittens).

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