Massage for Parkinson's Disease

author: doctor Tyutyunnik DM

With such a disease as Parkinson's disease, massage is considered a very important technique, as the patient loses the ability to move freely. Massage promotes the renewal of muscle mobility, but it is especially important that it has a positive effect on the central nervous system. When Parkinsonism massage is desirable to do daily or at least every other day. In complex therapy, this gives an excellent result.

Diet for Parkinson's Disease

author: doctor Sholenkina О.N.

Parkinson's disease is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, which is based on a disturbance in the metabolism of dopamine (a substance due to which the nerve impulses involved in the implementation of motor acts are transmitted in the human body), the disease is clinically manifested by motor disorders.

Prognosis of Parkinson's Disease

author: doctor Makarenkova T.Yu.

Parkinson's disease is a steadily progressing disease of the central nervous system of a neurodegenerative nature that has a chronic course. In this disease, brain cells do not produce, or produce it in small quantities, dopamine - a neurotransmitter, which provides normal life activity of neurons in the human brain. In the absence of dopamine, neurons in the brain disrupt their vital functions and subsequently die, which leads to the manifestation of characteristic clinical symptoms.

Medications for Parkinson's Disease

author: doctor Tyutyunnik DM

Parkinson's disease is usually called chronic disease, which is typical for people of older age. The disease occurs in connection with the destruction and death of neurons of the midbrain and other parts of the central nervous system.

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