Rehabilitation after shunting

author: doctor Kolos EV

Shunting is a surgical operation, the essence of which is the formation of a bypass that will "bypass" the damaged area, and compensate for the pathology.

Shunting of teeth

author: dentist Shevcherko Ya.V.

Shunting of teeth is a way of fixing the dentoalveolar series into one monolith. A synonym for the word shunting is the splinting of the teeth. In this article we will talk about indications for tooth splinting and possible methods of splinting, depending on the human disease.

Life after bypass surgery

author: doctor Sinyukova Т.В.

Our contemporaries are in a state of "eternal race" for money and success and for the time being they do not notice the loss of what can not be bought for coins - health. Therefore, the scourge of our time was obesity, vascular and heart diseases, digestive and endocrine gland disorders.

Shunting the jaw

author: dentist Shevcherko Ya.V.

Shunting in the jaw is most often used to get a jaw bone injury with a displacement of fragments or without displacement. Depending on the receipt of a fracture of a certain area, a corresponding tire is used.

Incomplete blockade of the right bundle branch leg

author: cardiologist Merter M.V.

Incomplete blockade of the right leg of the bundle of His (abbreviated as NBPPG) is a partial violation of the patency of the electric pulse through the right leg of the bundle.

CA-blockade of the 2nd degree of the 1st type

author: cardiologist Makarenkova T.Yu.

Sinoatrial blockade is a pathology of the conduction system of the heart, characterized by impaired conduction of the pulse going from the sinus node to the atria.

CA-blockade of 1 degree of 2 type

author: doctor Subbota AA

Conduction through the sinoatrial connection in the heart can be disrupted for various reasons. It can be of several degrees, each of which has a different effect on the patient's well-being. The lightest degree of this blockade is the 1st degree. This is the initial and minimal damage to the conduction system in the heart, namely, its sinoatrial connection.

Complete blockade of the right bundle branch leg

author: doctor Pyataeva Margarita

The attending physician appointed you an electrocardiogram: a squeaking apparatus, a whole heap of wires with suction cups and a long tape covered with mysterious curves, as a result. What do these teeth and knolls say?

In a nutshell, unfortunately, the technique of decoding the ECG will not tell. However, it is possible and necessary to understand the causes and significance of those changes that the specialist will identify. For example, if it is an inconvenient abbreviation - PBSCH, also known as a complete blockade of the right leg of the bundle.

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