How to make a thyroid puncture

author: doctor Tyutyunnik D.M.

If we talk about the puncture study of the thyroid gland, then it takes place in cases if a patient has a neoplasm with a diameter greater than 1 cm. Thanks to a unique technique, an endocrinologist can get the necessary information about the alleged disease and establish an accurate diagnosis.

With the help of puncture information about the exact structure of the tumor, its distinctive features from the natural tissues, as well as the absence or presence of the malignant nature of the disease.

Puncture of the thyroid gland

author: doctor Saplinov K.N.

The method of puncturing the tissue of the thyroid gland and its subsequent research under a microscope is widely used in the diagnosis of diseases of the thyroid gland. The study of the obtained tissue of the gland allows you to find out not only the nature of the disease (benign or malignant tumor), but also to clarify the tissue identity of the tumor.

Cyst of the right lobe of the thyroid gland

author: doctor Shaimerdenova DS

The thyroid gland is one of the most important organs of internal secretion, it is located in the lower part of the neck, small in size and divided into two lobes - the right and left.

Thyroid puncture

author: doctor Shevcherko N.G.

This procedure becomes common and often causes many questions and concerns. We will try to make out what a puncture of the thyroid gland is and what to expect as a result.

Resection of the labia

author: gynecologist Bun A. M.

Resection of the labia or labioplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at changing the size and shape of the labia.

The effects of ovarian resection

author: gynecologist Gurshtynovich V.M.

Resection ( from the Latin . Resectio - cut ) ovary - an operation that consists in partial excision of the affected organ.

Wedge resection of the ovaries

author: doctor Patvakanyan Nana

One of the most effective ways to treat polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is wedge-shaped resection of the ovaries. PCOS syndrome is a hereditary disease during which the hormonal balance is disturbed, and the amount of male hormones increases in the female body.

Rehabilitation after gastrectomy

author: doctor Koshen AK

In our dynamically developing modern world, all the same problems of past years remain, which for some reason are not solved, but, on the contrary, are even more aggravated. The technological area is well developed, i.e. This is all kinds of gadgets, robotics, and technology in general. This includes medical devices. More and more new methods of early diagnosis and the least traumatic invasive treatment are being developed and implemented, while prevention has remained in its place.

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