First aid for drowning

Author: Emergency Doctor Deryushev A.N.

By type and reason — drowning is true or “wet” if a large amount of water enters the bronchial tree and is “dry” or asphyxical — when the first drops of water entering the trachea cause reflexive respiratory and cardiac activity, The same type applies to cold shock, as well as secondary drowning.

Hematoma on the head of a child

Author: Pediatrician Sazonova OI

Hematoma is a type of bruising. It occurs mainly with closed injuries of tissues and organs and is caused by rupture of blood vessels, resulting in a limited accumulation of blood under the skin or under the periosteum with the resulting cavity containing coagulated or liquid blood. Most often in children, hematomas of various localization occur as a result of injuries — domestic or patrimonial in young children, as well as sports, transportation, street or school at an older age.

Emergency care in hypertensive crisis

Author: doctor Deryushev A.N.

Hypertensive crisis is a condition characterized by a sharp increase in blood pressure above 180/120, or to individually high values. Complicated crisis is accompanied by neurological symptoms - headache, dizziness, paresthesia.

First aid for cuts

Author: doctor Deryushev A.N.

Cuts, in medical terminology, refer to such a concept as incised wounds. Such wounds are the result of the impact of a sharp, often cutting tool (a knife, glass, metal shavings and many other things can become such an instrument, it’s no secret that you can even cut yourself with the edge of a paper sheet!). The size of such wounds is usually at least half a centimeter.

Ambulance: paid transportation

Author: Emergency Doctor Deryushev A.N.

The ambulance service delivers patients in cases where emergency hospitalization is required. That is, in such patients, as a rule, there is a referral on their hands indicating the date of hospitalization and the name of the medical institution. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the patient is in a state that does not allow him to get to the medical institution on his own, in some cases transportation is required in a half-sitting or lying position using a stretcher.

Hernia of the white line of the abdomen and pregnancy

Author: abdominal surgeon Denisov MM

The white line of the abdomen is an anatomical area located between the xiphoid process of the sternum and the pubis strictly in the midline. From the surgical point of view, the area between the xiphoid process and the navel is of the greatest importance. The width of the white line in this area reaches 2 centimeters, so it is here that the hernias are most often formed. In the area between the navel and the pubis, hernias occur very rarely.

Can I get pregnant with a yellow body cyst

гинеколог Амбросова И.А. author: gynecologist Ambrosova I.A.

A cyst of the corpus luteum is an education that belongs to the functional ovarian cysts, which, as a rule, are not the cause of the impaired fertility of a woman.

Sanitation of the oral cavity during pregnancy

author: dentist Polevskaya KG

Pregnancy is a special period in the life of a woman, during which restructuring takes place in all organs and systems of her body. The teeth-jaw system is no exception. The mother's body supplies the fetus with minerals, such as calcium and fluorine, as a result of the lack of which tooth decay occurs.

Varicose labia during pregnancy

author: doctor Angela Apercha

The frequency of varicose veins of the labia during pregnancy is about 20%. As a rule, after childbirth, its manifestations disappear. With timely treatment, varicose labia of the labia during pregnancy is not an obstacle to the successful delivery of the fetus and the normal course of labor. Due to the correct treatment, the progression of the disease is stopped and serious complications are prevented.

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