Purulent wounds ointment

Author: doctor Deryushev A.N.

The treatment of purulent wounds is a very responsible matter, since the presence of pus in the wound as a result of infection means that the wound may contain closed cavities, dead tissues that are deprived of blood supply, and it is even possible that there are foreign bodies in the wound that got there during an injury.

Wounds in the tongue

Author: Dr. Jordan A.V.

More often, injuries of a traumatic nature in the tongue have the appearance of superficial wounds resulting from biting (during chewing or an epileptic seizure) injury by the sharp edge of a broken or carious tooth, bone from food or sharp objects such as a fork, pencil, etc.

Treatment of incised wounds

Author: Surgeon Denisov MM

Cut wounds are called that were caused by sharp cutting objects (for example, a knife). This type of wound is characterized by large bleeding, pain, divergence of the edges. Bleeding depends on the number, as well as on the nature of the damaged vessels.

Purulent wounds treatment

Purulent wound is characterized by the presence of pus, tissue necrosis, the development of microbes, tissue swelling, absorption of toxins. The principles of treatment of purulent wounds are based on the study of the processes occurring in a wound during its healing and conditions conducive to regeneration. Tasks of treatment: removal of pus and necrotic tissues; reduction of edema and exudation; fight against microorganisms.

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