Fracture of little toe on foot

author: doctor Zhilyuk V.Yu.

It's not so difficult to break a little finger on your leg. It can be damaged by playing football. On the little finger can step on the bus. You can break a finger at home by hitting your foot on a stool. Even on the flat floor, having tucked a leg, you can earn a fracture of the little finger. This injury is not fatal, but still quite unpleasant. It would seem, a trifle - "just" little finger. But even such a seemingly insignificant damage can damage your life.

Rehabilitation after ankle fracture

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

Rehabilitation after an ankle fracture should begin when the person has already undergone surgery (if there was a displacement of the bone fragments) and put a plaster cast, or if there was no displacement, immediately after applying the gypsum. Exercises performed during this period should help reduce soft tissue edema, improve blood circulation and lymph drainage, which should accelerate the coalescence of bone fragments.

Fracture of tibia without bias

author: surgeon Denisov MM

Currently, trauma and surgical practice is very common, such a trauma as a shank fracture without bias. The thing is that despite the very developed ligamentous-muscular apparatus of this part of the human skeleton and the strength of the bones themselves, this region sometimes has very heavy loads and physical impacts. And, thus, depending on the place of damage, there are: a fracture of the condyles, diaphysis of the bones of the lower leg and ankles.

Fracture of the radius of the arm in the child

Author: Rudenko M.G.

The most common fracture of a radial bone in a child is a fracture of the radius in a typical place, or simply a "ray fracture in a typical place," as doctors call it. This is due to the fact that in this area there is practically no cortical layer that covers the bone from the outside and provides its strength.

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