Compaction in the mammary gland in children

author: pediatrician Zheludkov A.S.

Breast compaction in children can occur for various reasons. The reason may be the growth of the tumor (often fibroadenomas). In girls, induration (tellarhe) in the mammary gland may be due to the premature onset of the activity of the genital organs (ovaries). However, of particular interest is the increase in the mammary glands - gynecomastia.

Wide chest in women

author: doctor Vasiltsov AG

Back in ancient times, a certain assumption was made that stated that people with certain features of the body structure (habitus or constitution) have an increased risk of “acquiring” certain diseases.

Heaviness in the chest

author: doctor Tarasova Olga

Many, at least once in their life, experienced discomfort in the retrosternal region. The reasons may be the most diverse. Only a doctor can determine what caused this condition.

Sometimes, it is necessary to conduct a series of studies in order to clarify the picture.
Discomfort in the chest region can manifest itself: as pain, asphyxiation, pressure, burning sensation. It depends, on what kind of organ located in the chest area, it sends out distress signals.

Epidermal Staphylococcus in breast milk

author: doctor, Ph.D. Andreeva S.G.

Epidermal staphylococcus is a bacterium that dwells on human skin (hence the name) as part of normal microflora. We do not live in a state of confrontation with all microorganisms. Dozens of species coexist with humans, not only without harm, but also participating in maintaining a certain balance.

Nipple wrenches: causes, signs and treatment

Author: doctor Krivega MS

Wen or lipoma is a benign tumor that grows from adipose tissue in places where there is fatty tissue (this is not only under the skin, where many people dream of reducing its volume, but also around some internal organs). Wen can also be located on the nipples, sometimes - symmetrically on both mammary glands.

Atheroma of the mammary gland

author: doctor Leshkov VE

Atheroma is a neoplasm caused by inflammation of the sebaceous gland, containing inside the sebaceous secretion produced by this gland. Externally, it looks like an education, strongly protruding above the skin. It can appear on any place of the body, but usually doctors have to deal with atheromas on the scalp, neck and back, face (on the nasolabial triangle or eyebrows), in the genital area (scrotum, perineum, labia majora or pubis), on the chest (this disease is called atheroma of the breast).

Breast cyst puncture: goals and technique

author: doctor Demchenko N.I.

A cyst is an education, the walls of which consist of dense connective tissue, and the contents can be of a different nature (liquid, mushy, bloody). The size of the breast cysts can vary from a few millimeters to 3-5 centimeters. On palpation, the cyst is palpable, as a painless dense formation with smooth walls and a smooth contour.

Breast-Sealing Condensation in the Breastfeeding

author: endocrinologist Riazova E.A.

Pregnancy and childbirth change the hormones of the female body, preparing it for the process of feeding the newborn. Big changes occur in the mammary glands.

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