Treatment of wound in bandaging

author: ambulance doctor Buren'kova NV

In his life, any person has traumatized the skin to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, it is important to know the basic rules for the primary treatment of the wound surface.

Dressings at home: indications and principles of care

ambulance doctor Saturday AA

There are different types of wounds, which are divided depending on the way they are formed, the presence or absence of microbial complications, the depth of the wound in the skin.

Maintenance of postoperative sutures

Author: Krivega MS doctor

The first few days of care for the seams after surgery is carried out in the hospital, where it was produced. The doctor removes a sterile gauze dressing every day, which at first will be impregnated with a suture, heals the edges of the suture with a zebrafish (iodine is hardly used, given the abundance of allergic reactions), re-puts a bandage that fixes the adhesive bandage. During this period (usually from 1 to 5 days), the doctor does not recommend you to wash, so that water does not fall on the area of ​​the postoperative wound.

Tubal ligation in women

author: gynecologist Artemova M.V.

This procedure is of a surgical nature, which is otherwise called medical sterilization. During this operation, the pipes are blocked, cut or bandaged. The operation is considered one of the effective, guaranteeing 99% of the absence of pregnancy. Only not many can come, when there is a passage for spermatozoa, and also for an incorrect operation.

Stitches from the cervix

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

Almost 40% of miscarriages occur due to ICS (ischemic-cervical insufficiency). This pathology occurs against the background of failure of the uterine neck and painful opening of the uterus. This condition in the second trimester of pregnancy entails the prolapse of the bladder or the outflow of amniotic fluid. In the third trimester of pregnancy, ICI can cause premature birth.

Treatment of postoperative sutures

Author: Ambrosova I.A.

Very often patients who undergone surgery are interested in the question of how to care for postoperative sutures, so that they do not become inflamed and delayed as quickly as possible.

First of all, the most important thing in the postoperative period is keeping cleanliness in the wound. In medical institutions, wounds are treated with skin antiseptics. These include alcohol, zelenka, iodinol, iodopiperone, forysept-color, etc. As a rule, immediately before treatment, the wound is washed with hydrogen peroxide, and then dried. After treatment according to the indications, a dressing is applied, impregnated with the recommended medication by the recommended doctor.

Stitched after episiotomy

Author: doctor Martynenko O.V.

Often in obstetric practice, there are situations when it is necessary to impose seams on the perineum. The presence of stitches requires a young mummy to care for the crotch, but a woman who is suddenly overwhelmed with cares to care for the baby often forgets about herself. The result of improper care can be a divergence of the seams on the perineum.

Stitches after delivery on the perineum

Author: Kamneva A.N.

The birth of a child in every woman is different. In some women labor is easy, without consequences. But, unfortunately, there are often cases when the tissues of the cervix or vagina are torn during delivery. In such cases, there is a need for suturing. The following types of sutures on the perineum can be distinguished.

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