Purulent wounds treatment

Purulent wound is characterized by the presence of pus, tissue necrosis, the development of microbes, tissue swelling, absorption of toxins. The principles of treatment of purulent wounds are based on the study of the processes occurring in a wound during its healing and conditions conducive to regeneration. Tasks of treatment: removal of pus and necrotic tissues; reduction of edema and exudation; fight against microorganisms.

How to treat festering wounds

Rana - mechanical damage to tissues in violation of their integrity. It has been proven that for the development of an infection in a wound, 105-106 microbial bodies are needed per gram of tissue. This is the so-called "critical" level of bacterial contamination. But the "critical" level can be low. Currently, it is believed that every accidental wound is bacterially contaminated or infected.

Ointment for quick wound healing

Author: doctor Deryushev A.N.

This is how our life is arranged, that from early childhood we have to face such a problem as wounds. This is natural, because to avoid injuries is almost impossible. Naturally, our desire to get rid of these wounds as soon as possible. In this connection, there is a need to talk in sufficient detail about how to deal with the problem of wounds, what drugs and ointments exist and what is recommended to use.

Handling wounds and abrasions

Author: doctor Kamneva A.N.

What is the first aid for scratches, abrasions and wounds?

Quite often, children and adults damage soft tissue and violate the integrity of the skin in the form of wounds, abrasions and scratches. Therefore, it is very important for every person to know what the first aid is for scratches, abrasions and wounds.

First aid for abrasion on the leg

author: doctor Kuznetsov M.A.

Probably, abrasions and scratches are one of the most common skin lesions, which are completely harmless to life and go away almost “by themselves” (at least, it seems so at first glance). In this article, we will look at questions about what abrasions are, what are their features when they are on their feet, and also focus on some points of treatment.

Antibiotics for purulent wounds

Author: doctor Kuznetsov MA

Our body is a complex biological system with a huge potential for self-healing, including wound healing. In this regard, the main task in the treatment of purulent wounds is to use drugs depending on the stage of the process.

How to get pus out of a wound

Author: Surgeon Yurevich V.V.

Of all the types of inflammation that occurs in the human body, purulent inflammation is considered to be one of the most complex and potentially dangerous for both health and life. The severity of any purulent process depends primarily on such factors as the location of the abscess, its prevalence, the state of the human body, its immunity, age, the presence of concomitant diseases and much more.

Purulent atheroma: causes and minimally invasive treatment

author: doctor Alafinov V.D.

Purulent atheroma is an acute microbial inflammation of the contents of a clogged and distended sebaceous skin gland. The sebaceous glands are located in the skin and closely adjoin the hair follicles. These glands produce fatty grease for hair and skin. When blockage of the excretory ducts can form cysts - sacs filled with mushy sebaceous mass. In all places where hair grows and there are sebaceous glands, atheroma can form. Most often they appear in the head, face, back, neck, genitals.

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