Set of surgical scalpels

A set of reusable surgical scalpels. The main tool in the work of any surgeon.

Set of tools for skeletal traction

A set of traumatological tools for skeletal traction:

1 - Kirschner Staple with a spoke for skeletal traction. In terms of functional significance, Ilizarov's apparatus resembles.

2 - A hand drill serves to drill holes into which the needles will pass.

Scissors Sauerbruch - Freya

Surgical scissors Sauerbruch - Freya guillotine type with combined edges of blades for separation of connective tissues.

A set of trocars for puncturing the abdominal cavity

A set of instruments for laparocentesis (puncture of the abdominal cavity) is a trocar of different features. On the right is the classic trocar. In the center is a trocar with a regulator. The left curved trocar is convenient in a situation where the patient admits a pronounced ascites stomach and he needs to make a puncture under the swollen abdomen so as not to damage the surrounding tissues (the direct trocar here will be more traumatic).

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