Burns of the third degree - symptoms and treatment

Author: ambulance doctor Deryushev A.N.

Burns of the third degree are divided into two subgroups - burns of the third "A" degree and burns of the third "B" degree. And the third degree "A" burn is still classified as superficial burns, and the third "B" degree is a deep burn, the difference seems to be quite small, only a few millimeters, but it is, in fact, very significant - the whole thing in the germ layer of skin. If the germ layer is damaged, the burn becomes deep by definition, which means that such a burn wound itself does not heal - it will require the restoration of the skin by surgical methods, this is a complex and lengthy process. Burn 2 degrees can also be compared and understand the fundamental differences.

Treatment of burn wounds

Author: Ambrosova I.A.

Depending on the factors affecting the burns are divided into:

1. Chemical (burns with alkalis or acids).

2. Thermal (steam, hot liquids, flame, contact burns).

3. Sun burns.

Burn with boiling water of 2 degrees

Doctor A. Deriushev

Burns occur due to high temperatures in particular boiling water. From this effect, coagulation of skin proteins is observed, the skin cells are killed and then subjected to necrosis. The higher the temperature and the longer it is, the deeper the skin will be affected.

Sea-buckthorn oil for burns

author: doctor Ambrosova I.A.

Our world is filled with thousands of all kinds of plants, many of which are used by folk healers to treat certain ailments. It should be noted that among medicinal plants there are also those that have a complex effect on the human body. One of these miracle plants is the sea-buckthorn.

Seabuckthorn is a shrub with edible, mildly sourish fruits. Their acid is explained by the high content of vitamin C.

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