Ulcerative proctitis is a verdict?

Author: doctor Lobanov IB

Proctitis is a set of inflammatory phenomena in the rectum that have characteristic symptoms: frequent false urges to defecate (so-called tenesmus), logically unjustified liquid stool (when it is impossible to establish its cause), regular bleeding from the anal passage.

Causes of Acute Paraproctitis

Author: surgeon Yurevich VV

Acute paraproctitis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases of the rectum, ubiquitous throughout the world.

Ointments with a proctitis

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

Proctitis - is an inflammatory process that mainly affects the mucosa of the rectum. Proctitis are acute, subacute and chronic. With such diseases as paraproctitis, hemorrhoids, rectal cancer, rectal polyps, vaginitis, cystitis, prostatitis, proctitis may be a secondary disease.

Diet with proctitis

Author: doctor Derjushev A.N.

The diet, diet and diet are quite important at a proctitis. In this regard, the diet with proctitis comes from a number of general recommendations and becomes almost one of the necessary points of treatment, without which it is impossible to achieve positive results.

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