Botkin Sergey Petrovich

The significance of the works of Sergei Petrovich Botkin (1832-1889) for domestic and world medicine cannot be overestimated. Literally everyone in our country has heard this name at least a few times, even if he himself is far from medicine and has never consulted doctors. After all, everyone has heard about "Botkin's disease" - hepatitis A, the pathophysiology and causes of which were first described by Sergei Petrovich.

Pirogov Nikolai Ivanovich

Pirogov Nikolai Ivanovich (1810-1881) - Russian surgeon, founder of the atlas of topographic anatomy (mutual location anatomy), founder of Russian military surgery and anesthesia (the science of anesthesia).

Nikolai Ivanovich was born in Moscow. At the age of 14, he entered the Moscow University, Faculty of Medicine. At 26, he was a doctor of medical sciences. After some time in St. Petersburg, he organized a hospital clinic, where he developed his own surgical methods of treatment, which less often led to amputation of limbs than surgical techniques before him.

Sklifosovsky Nikolay Vasilyevich

Sklifosovsky Nikolai Vasilyevich (1836-1904) - the founder of abdominal military surgery, director of the Imperial Institute in St. Petersburg.

Dyakonov Peter Ivanovich

Peter Ivanovich Dyakonov (1855-1908) is one of the eminent surgeons of Russia. His activity in medicine was distinguished by a wide range of interests and discoveries. He showed particular interest in the development of topographic anatomy. Among the main contributions of Peter Ivanovich to this science, a special place is occupied by the description of the retrosternal space, made by fiber.

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