Veins on the chest

author: doctor Light N.A.

Sometimes the reason for going to a doctor is the presence of veins in the chest. Someone considers this phenomenon a cosmetic defect, someone is seriously concerned about their health. Veins in the chest can appear not only in adults but also in children, starting from the neonatal period.

Is it possible to warm the chest with bronchitis

author: doctor Maslak A.A.

Warming up is the most common procedure that is used at home for the treatment of colds and in particular bronchitis. Breast rubbed with warming ointments, put compresses, put mustard plasters on their backs. This innocuous procedure is useful in many cases, but sometimes you should refrain from it. Because bronchitis is of different types.

Male chest girth

author: doctor Gulenko S.V.

Physical development of a person occurs in accordance with certain biological laws and principles and reflects in each age period the level of quantitative and qualitative changes in the body and its functional capabilities. The processes of growth and development occur unevenly and depend on a huge number of external and internal factors, the fundamental of which are heredity and social environment.

Heat in the chest

author: doctor Polevskaya KG

In the chest there is a large number of different internal organs. Accordingly, the reasons causing heat in the chest is not so little. It can be disorders of the digestive system, and heart and lung diseases, as well as mental disorders.

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