Treatment of retrochorial hematoma

author: doctor Tyutyunnik D.M.

Today it is very difficult to overestimate the relevance of the social and medical problems of miscarriage in the face of a sharp increase in mortality and a decline in the birth rate.

Diet for diaphragmatic hernia

Author: doctor Deryushev A.N.

The diet recommended for diaphragmatic hernias is not just some advice on the use of certain products, but rather a set of measures that occupies an important place in the general plan of treatment of this disease. As with many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with diaphragmatic hernia more frequent food intake is recommended, but the volume of servings is reduced.

Intervertebral hernia Schmorl

author: doctor Obukhova Yu.A.

The intervertebral Schmorl's hernia is a structural formation of the spine, manifested as a depression of the intervertebral disc in the vertebral body.

Central hernia of Schmorl

author: doctor Ainullin A.A.

Schmorl's hernia is a disease of the spine, in which the intervertebral disc is pressed into the body of the higher or lower vertebra. This is due to the thinning of the bone plate, separating the vertebral body from the intervertebral disc. Most often, the lumbar spine is affected, since it accounts for the main load, however, Schmorl's hernia can appear in any part of the spine if there are predisposing factors.

Are they taking into the army with Schmorl's hernia?

author: doctor Filonenko A.I.

Very often the draftee and his parents are interested in the question: "Are they taking into the army with Schmorl's hernia?" Let's first understand what the disease is and what symptoms accompany it. When Schmorl hernia from the intervertebral disc into the body of the vertebra is indented cartilage. This disease may be one of the syndromes of Scheuermann's disease - Mau. In addition, Schmorl's hernia often appears in kyphosis - a strong stoop.

Hematoma at birth

author: doctor Krivega MS

Not everyone easily gets kids, some parents and their kids pay for the happiness of being together too expensive, getting health problems. Unfortunately, not all of them can be warned. Hematoma that occurs at birth, refers to such diseases.

Predispose to the appearance of hematoma such factors:

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