Does SA blockade 1 degree 1 type or other types exist?

author: cardiologist Merter M.V.

One of the frequent violations of the conduct of the pulse is the so-called sinoatrial, or SA blockade. It should be noted that SA blockade occurs in 0.17 - 2.4% of the population, more often in women after 55 - 60 years and slightly more often in women than in men.

Spinal blockade: indication and effectiveness

author: doctor Maslak A.A.

Pain is a sure sign that something is wrong in the body. She informs us about the presence of pathology, be it functional or originated on an organic level. But sometimes, and with a prolonged painful condition almost always, the pain is not so much a signal, but also the cause of the pathology (albeit secondary).

Partial blockade of the right leg of the bundle of his

author: doctor Saturday A.A.

A bundle of His is a system that delivers an electrical impulse to the cells of the heart, as a result of which these cells contract. The correct operation of all structures of the His bundle ensures an organized contraction of all cardiac cells, and the heart contracts as a whole organ.

Incomplete blockade of the left bundle of His

author: doctor Pyataeva Margarita

When we have a cold with endless sneezing and coughing, almost everyone knows what to do. Someone brews a fake color according to grandma's recipe, and someone goes to the pharmacy for the usual paracetamol or advertised new wonder drug. However, many ordinary people are completely lost when the heart is at the sight of the disease.

Incomplete blockade of the right leg of the bundle of his

author: cardiologist Merter M.V.

Incomplete blockade of the right bundle of His (abbreviated as NBPNG) is partial disruption of the electrical impulse through the right leg of the bundle of His.

Blockade of the left ventricle of the heart

author: doctor Vasiltsov AG

Cardiac muscle has special properties compared with other organs of the human body. One of these properties is the conductivity of impulses that occur in special structures of the cardiac tissue. Sometimes it happens that the impulse is not transmitted by the cells of the heart. Such states are called blockades.

Complete blockade of the right bundle of His

author: doctor Pyataeva Margarita

Your doctor prescribed an electrocardiogram for you: a squeaking machine, a whole heap of wires with suction cups, and a long tape inscribed with mysterious curves, as a result. What do these teeth and mounds say?

In a nutshell, unfortunately, the method of decoding ECG can not be told. However, it is possible and necessary to understand the causes and significance of the changes that the specialist will reveal. For example, if we are talking about an uncomfortable abbreviation - PBNPG, also known as the complete blockade of the right bundle of His.

First aid for cardiac arrhythmias

Author: Emergency Doctor Deryushev A.N.

Arrhythmia is an abnormal heart rhythm that can be too fast — more than eighty beats per minute (tachycardia) or too slow — less than sixty beats per minute (bradycardia).

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