Atheroma in the groin in women

author: doctor Ilona Lesnaya

Atheroma is a specific benign tumor that is localized under the skin in any parts of the body, and especially in the scalp. The cause of its occurrence is a blockage of the sebaceous glands or personal hygiene. This tumor occurs in both men and women of different ages, but men are more susceptible to this pathology. Although atheroma is a benign tumor, it still needs to be removed.

Atheroma in a child: causes, symptoms and treatment

author: doctor Krivega MS

Atheroma in a child is a benign formation derived from the secretion of the sebaceous glands. This kind of cyst, which is obtained by blocking the output duct of the sebaceous gland with its secret, it has a capsule. Atheromas appear in places where there are sebaceous glands. These are usually places where hair grows: on the scalp, on the face, in the genital area or on themselves, on the neck, on the back, on the ears. The appearance of multiple atheros (they are usually small) gives the name of the disease - atheromatosis.

Festering atheroma

author: doctor Ivanova Yu.A.

An atheroma is a tumor that, according to its clinical-morphological classifications, is benign in nature and belongs to epithelial cysts. Atheroma usually develops on hairy areas of the body, therefore it is more common on the head and face, which are particularly rich in sebaceous glands. The cause of this tumor (cysts) is a blockage of the duct of these sebaceous glands.

Laser removal of atheroma

author: doctor Sholenkina ON

When blockage of the duct of the sebaceous gland may form a cyst or atheroma. The places of her residence are parts of the body rich in sebaceous glands: the lower part of the face, the scalp, the armpits, the neck and the back. If the course is uncomplicated, the disease is easily tolerated and for a long period the patients do not complain of anything. Then there is a logical question: why delete it?

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