Ointments for bruises and bruises for children

author: doctor Zhilyuk V.Yu.

All children lead an active lifestyle. They are full of energy and thirst for adventure. Unfortunately, their adventures often end in bruises and bruises. If a child is seriously injured, it should be taken immediately to a hospital and examined. But in most cases, minor bruises and bruises can be cured on your own, at home. For these purposes, ointments from bruises and bruises are used. The most popular and most effective we will now disassemble. One of these drugs you can use to treat bruises and bruises in children.

How to make yourself a bruise

author: forensic doctor Mirnaya E.V.

When a person thinks about making himself a bruise, he most likely does not want to go to work, to school or wants to get a sick leave for several days for completely different purposes. After all, very often in each of us wake up laziness and most often it happens in school and student's years. Although, the situations are different, and maybe some are persecuted if they wish to bruise themselves any noble goals.

The bruise on the lip: first aid

author: doctor Zhilyuk V.Yu.

The bruise on the lip, of course, carries no threat to your health, let alone your life and efficiency. But it is dangerous for your appearance, image, and therefore - internal comfort. Therefore, the bruise on the lip should be urgently disposed of, using for this purpose all the possibilities that modern medicine gives us today.

A bruise in the language - what to do?

author: gastroenterologist, Ph.D. Kondrashina E.A.

In the case of pain in the language, most people rush to a mirror with an open mouth. If you can notice a bluish or "bloody" spot in the language, then with a high degree of probability you are dealing with a bruise or hematoma of the tongue.

Massage with Perthes disease

author: doctor Filonenko AI

Perthes' disease appears due to various disorders (blood circulation, nerve conduction) in the hip joint. It should be clarified that the treatment of these patients is the more effective the earlier the diagnosis is made.

Massage is necessary to prevent or eliminate muscle atrophy, improve blood supply to the joint, reduce the pain irradiation and improve muscle tone.

With Perthes' disease, massage has a threefold effect:

Bruises from the massage

author: doctor Rudenko M.G.

There are different types of massage. For some of them, bruises are normal, and for others, an error in the work of a masseur. We will be more detailed in this topic, since bruises are a cosmetic defect, which is extremely undesirable in the summer.

Anti-cellulite massage with varicose veins

author: doctor Stryuk ON

The natural desire of every woman to look attractive is understandable and understandable. But often dreams of an ideal figure are broken by a harsh reality. After all, not always the display in the mirror makes us happy, but annoying cellulite wants to spoil the mood. And to help us with anti-cellulite massage. However, if a healthy woman does not have questions about the appropriateness and technique of its implementation, then with the available varicose it is worth considering: "Is the ovchinka worth the candle?" Let's try to understand this complicated issue.

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